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Cuckold Phone Sex Slut

I’m Heather, the naughtiest lil bitch around!  I get everything I want, whenever I want, and what I want now is for your scrawny, wimp ass to open up that wallet and kiss that cash goodbye, because you’re going to be giving it all to me!  I’m a hot lil slut ripe for some dirty fun!  I’ll force you onto your knees and make you lick the cum of other, better-equipped men out of my perfect, pink pussy  and you’ll love every second of it.  You’ll worship every inch of my body, from my big, hot titties to my firm, juicy ass right down to my perfectly manicured toes, which I’ll make you lick and suck on at my leisure. Or maybe you’d rather role-play?  I can be the sassy, bitchy girl from high school that you always wanted to fuck nice and hard, your girlfriend’s cock-teasing little sister maybe?  No matter what you want, I’m the tightest, wettest and warmest pussy around and I know you can’t wait to hear my voice.

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Financial domination phone sex with Abby

I’m Amber, and I’m looking for a sugar daddy, someone who will spoil me rotten. I can be such a bad girl but I really love humiliating you boy’s,  especially all you sissy boy’s. I know you need someone like me in your life to control and guide you through out the day. In return you will spoil me! I mean really spoil me! I love MONEY and like having all my bills paid. I never want to want for anything and I know you like pleasing me. . Just to make me happy this week I think you all should show me just how much you appreciate me by going on my nite flirt account and giving me a great big TIP.  Kissy…Kissy… baby. I love knowing that every time you call me I will lead you and guide your every sexual need. So sissy boy’s don’t be shy I will always take good care of you, and all you little dick boy’s.

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