Teasing Phone Sex

Hi I’m Brigitte, a very sexy naughty niteflirt girl that loves phone sex kinkier the better so cum on guy’s let’s play together.

I love teasing men! Ever since I was a girl, I love shaking my ass just a little bit more when I know you’re watching, teasing you all the time!

I love the way men look at me!

Taking your money is something else I love to do!

And it’s so easy with my tight, young body.

Do you like spending your money that you need for your family on a brat, because you know that is the only way I will notice you?

Getting my attention is what you need little sissy-boy.

I love men buying me everything I need, taking care of all of my desires.

I enjoy Tease & Denial phone sex along with Cuckolding, Small Penis Humiliation, and of course Sissy-boys-Forced Feminization, but then I enjoy anything that gets us off.

Call me guy’s and spoil me rotten I will love you for ever or I will have to punish you hmmm.



Phone Sex Slut Angie

Hi I’m Angie a very seductive phone slut! I’m like

having your next door neighbor right on the phone

with you.

I love everything about phone sex. I’m single and love

cheating on other womens husbands.

I even cuckold them when I need to get my way.

I love masturbating with someone on the phone it’s

so exciting to have phone sex with a stranger. I get

so turned on hearing a man cum for me really hard.

I love fantasizing with you and role-playing.

 Call me we can play together and get as nasty as

you like. I love getting tips so don’t forget mmmmm.

I’m your nasty phone sex slut willing to do whatever

your wife or girlfriend won’t for you.

I love making men cum so hard they make the 

biggest mess all over themselves, That makes me

happy. If I leave a big stain my my bed makes it

even better mmmm.

So pick up your phone babe and have incredible

phone sex with me Angie.


Cheating phone sex with Angela

I’m looking for all the cheating husbands that want to cheat with me on the phone. I love phone sex and getting so nasty that you will cum so hard. I’m very open to any and all calls nothing is to taboo for me. I really get into cuckolding men just like I do my husband, making you do as I say. I may let you hear me masturbate and cum all over my fingers while you are not allowed to touch your cock…hahaha. I then maybe and I mean maybe let you cum for me all over your self and lick it up like my little doggie. So if you are into naughty bitch that really likes phone sex call me.

I will even watch you on cam jacking off for me and making you do things just for me. So lets talk and have some phone sex fun together.

Call me Angela if you like cheating phone sex.

Phone Sex with Annie

 Happy Holiday to all my naughty boys I want to thank you for a great year. I also want you to watch for a little thank you from me. If you would like to send me or Crissy a Xmas gift you can push our present boxes on our page.

I want to wish everyone a great New Year and can’t wait to have another great year with you getting nasty on the phone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From Annie

Seductive Phone Sex

Let me introduce myself I’m Ashley, your knewest  phone sex kitten, but you will know me as the sensual tease that will have your cock and mind in a complete state of intoxicating arousal. I’m very sexy and I have a very seductive way about me, which most men adore and find me hard to resist.

I love to tease men and even dominate them to do as I say, I like hearing them begging me to let them masturbate or touch their cocks for me.
Phone sex fantasies with me can be very intense and so real at times, you will wonder if you really are having sex with me.

I love to get to know my callers all of your likes and dislikes and what turns you on and off. I will get under your skin and you will start dreaming about me.
First it will be just the great sex then I will become an addiction.
So call me and tell me all your secrets they will be safe with me, I also will love to watch you on web cam if you like to perform for me.

Call me I’m waiting to have incredible  seductive phone sex with you…  Ashley
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Cuckold Phone Sex Slut

I’m Heather, the naughtiest lil bitch around!  I get everything I want, whenever I want, and what I want now is for your scrawny, wimp ass to open up that wallet and kiss that cash goodbye, because you’re going to be giving it all to me!  I’m a hot lil slut ripe for some dirty fun!  I’ll force you onto your knees and make you lick the cum of other, better-equipped men out of my perfect, pink pussy  and you’ll love every second of it.  You’ll worship every inch of my body, from my big, hot titties to my firm, juicy ass right down to my perfectly manicured toes, which I’ll make you lick and suck on at my leisure. Or maybe you’d rather role-play?  I can be the sassy, bitchy girl from high school that you always wanted to fuck nice and hard, your girlfriend’s cock-teasing little sister maybe?  No matter what you want, I’m the tightest, wettest and warmest pussy around and I know you can’t wait to hear my voice.

Call me now at Nite Flirt for a cuckold phone sex call with me.

Financial domination phone sex with Abby

I’m Amber, and I’m looking for a sugar daddy, someone who will spoil me rotten. I can be such a bad girl but I really love humiliating you boy’s,  especially all you sissy boy’s. I know you need someone like me in your life to control and guide you through out the day. In return you will spoil me! I mean really spoil me! I love MONEY and like having all my bills paid. I never want to want for anything and I know you like pleasing me. . Just to make me happy this week I think you all should show me just how much you appreciate me by going on my nite flirt account and giving me a great big TIP.  Kissy…Kissy… baby. I love knowing that every time you call me I will lead you and guide your every sexual need. So sissy boy’s don’t be shy I will always take good care of you, and all you little dick boy’s.

So looking for financial domination phone sex call me Abby

Kinky Housewife Phone Sex

Hi I’m Shelly, a very naughty housewife that loves cheating with married men. I believe all the men in my neighborhood knows me either personally or from another friend. I do have a bad reputation around my town as a slut. I’m trying to be good so I started doing phone sex to help curb my sex drive. I love it so far I get to masturbate with so many different guys. I also love playing with all the married men mmmm. I’m open to try anything once,  just call me and lets play together. My husband does not have a sex drive,  I think he has lost his. But since I started doing phone sex he has been listening to me on the phone, while I’m masturbating with other man. I think it turns him on. One night I made him stand in front of me and stroke his cock while I was on the phone with one of my favorite callers having phone sex with him. I came so hard and my caller did too,  just having my husband watching me and stroking for me made my orgasm so hard.

Call me Shelly I love phone sex

Humiliation Phone sex with Annie

Humiliation Phone Sex is what I really like to get into I just love humiliating  guy’s over the phone. I can get very verbal and make you almost feel like crying,  some of you losers,  that I have talked to, have actually cried… haha… wimps. I love using words that will make you feel so inferior to any other human on planet earth. Some of my phrase I love are Pig, Fagot, Sissy boy, mommies boy, fucking losers, little weenie, pricks, fairy fagot, shit head, no dick, etc. I think you get the ideal. Making you feel like a piece of shit on the bottom of my heel is just about how I want to make you feel, only I would like to take it a few steps below that like a turd floating in my toilet…hahahaha.  

Humiliation phone sex can also be where I make you go on-line and turn your web cam on for me so I can look at your sorry ass. Maybe even have a few of my friends looking too, makes for a fun night for me. I may also make you do unthinkable things for me on cam haha… I love it. So you better be ready to grab what ever you have lying around the house to use in places your mommy told you was a no-no…fucking baby. All you sissy ass boy who like dressing up in panties or lingerie to hide your little weenies be prepared to wiggle that little weenie for me…haha,  maybe I will make you wiggle it for your neighbors,  at your window…hahaha.

Call  for humiliation phone sex with Annie

Anal Phone Sex

Naughty Jade:
 Well, I think that since this is my first blog, I’ll start by telling you what I’m in to. First, I love, and I mean LOVE, phone sex!  It’s intoxicating to indulge all of your naughty fantasies.  Some of my personal favorites are Oral Sex, as well as Fem Dommes.  I’ll do anything for you or to you! I can force you to your knees as you lick my pretty pink pussy, turn you over and smack that ass red.  Not enough?  I’ll take that puckered hole of yours and own it with my big black strap on!  I want you to plead with me to let you touch that little dick of yours, Bitch-boy!  Whine and cry for me whimp!  It’s sooo entertaining for me and my girlfriends!
Or for those who prefer Oral?  How would you like to sit back as I deep throat that cock before you grab my hair and vigorously fuck my face? Mmmmmm, sounds yummy to me, I’ll lick up every drop of your sweet cum.
I’ll role play for you–I love to be your teasing slut neighbor. You can get me alone and finally make me give up the sweet pussy I’ve been taunting you with for sooooo long.  Whatever you want me to do, I’ll love hehehe!  You know what else I love? I love when you bend me over and I have to spread my cheeks wide for you as you fuck my asshole!  It’s so good and tight back there, and I know you can fuck it just right–oooh, I’m begging you to fill my asshole with that huge cock!
So come on! You wanna spoil me? Fuck me? Touch, taste and smell every part of my tight, hot body?  I know you do!  Call me, you won’t regret it.
Call Jade for some very hot anal phone sex play